As we are just getting started, there is no cost to list with us NOW..  When we receive a big enough following, the list price for new businesses, vehicles, locations, items, and services will be $20 per year.  All members of the Harbordashery family will be available to another service soon to launch in Volusia county that will be a virtual "phone book" for the industry at large looking for goods, services, and locations around Volusia county and the state of Florida as we expand.  Your privacy will be protected, as they would still have to go through Harbordashery with a serious inquiry before I would contact you directly.  This eliminates hassling phone calls for you from productions just fishing around.  As this industry is unpredictable, NSB may not see a project for months, or we may get a couple per month.  The more I market, and the more people sign up, the higher the chance that some of you will have your location or services used by an incoming project.  Just one rental of your property or contract for your services will pay for this listing exponentially.  Pass along this site to friends and family. 

For now, this service is free.

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 As Harbordashery and FilmNSB grows, with your input, so will our opportunities to attract productions to our beautiful New Smyrna Beach and beyond.  The state film incentive has ended, but we can still lure this lucrative industry to our county by offering LOCAL incentives. This is entirely up to the locals, the businesses, and governing bodies in Volusia county... That's YOU!   I am trying to bring us all together and help our local economies and business owners add a little fun and excitement to our days, and some money in your pockets.  Help me help you.  What services does your business offer?  Are you willing to discount services for incoming permitted productions?  Are you a skilled mechanic?  Diver?  Boat captain with your own vessel?  Are you a real estate professional that could find temporary housing for cast and crew?  Do you have a flock of docile chickens?  An empty field?  Vintage cars?  Dilapidated farm house that would make a great scary movie location?  Are you a pilot with your own aircraft?  Do you have a great stretch of untarnished forest or long private road?  A small beach house or large intracoastal mansion could be their speed, but maybe a landlocked single family home fits the bill.  You never know what a project will be looking for, but I can help them find you, but only if I know you are excited to be a part of a possible film project.  The more locations and services we have to offer, the better our viability will be.  If you have any questions, and there will be many, do not hesitate to ask.

Signing up for Email Updates keeps you up-to-date and gets you onto the email blast should a production come to town and they are looking for a location, vehicle, service, or anything that I do not have a submission for yet. You just might know someone that could benefit...

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