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Alexa Sheehan Resume:


Board of Directors and Vice-Chair of Industry Council- Film Florida

Board of Directors for Women in Film and Television- Florida

Member of the Director's Guild of America

Member of SAG/ AFTRA

Abridged resume available on imdb.com

BIO:  Alexa Sheehan has over twenty years experience as an Assistant Director, Director, and Producer in Los Angeles.  She has worked on prime time television, feature film, reality television, commercials and multiple web series. She is a member of the Director's Guild of America and SAG/AFTRA.   Now in Volusia County, she is bringing her experience here.  As a current full member of the Director's Guild of America she is still pursuing work as a Assistant Director, Associate Director, Stage Manager, et al

From the set of "Fear Factor 2.0"

Producer and Consultant

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